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With Mom and Dad moving to Raleigh this summer I got the family collection of record albums and Dad's old record player. The record players is a nice Pioneer PL-518 from 1977 and with a little work it's back up, running, and sounds great. The Stereo system and speakers are my old JVC System from college 1990 so absolutely nothing about this is less than 30 years old at this time. Which should fit nicely with the collection that is heavily weighted between 1960-1967.

I have not heard most of these in over 20 years, so it will be interesting to hear them again and see what I can find of interest. How do they sound? Does the music stand the test of time? What else can be found now that we have this thing called...the internet.


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Do you like Stats? Because I do.

  • Dad was born in 1937. He was 33 in 1970 and living in DC so I'm going to assume this a typical collection for the era.
  • There are about 250 LPs ranging between 1954-1990 with a heavy weighting for albums 1960-1967.
  • By Album Count his favorite artist is Jim Reeves with 8 Albums followed by Roger Whittaker with 7.
  • The prices to sell or purchase in 2024 have a Median Price of $3.00.
  • The most valuable Albums are Elvis, Santo and Johnny, and The Big Sky Singers.

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An Average price of $4.70 and a Median of $3.00
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So what interesting things have I stumbled upon?

Cover Notes

Ronnie Aldrich
1963, The Magnificent Pianos of Ronnie Aldrich
1968, For Young Lovers
Instrumental, Easy Listening, Cocktail Music

A couple of great albums to start the project. These albums almost pour the martinis just by playing them. Excellent sound quality. It's a shame that only a couple of albums were ever released on CD. This is great mood music.


Bill Anderson (Whispering Bill)
From this Pen
Country / Easy Listening

A compilation Album of songs written and sung by Bill Anderson. Ok, we found the country music, but it sounds just so different than modern country. No twang, and more like easy listening and country music had a child. The stand out song for me being "Saginaw Michigan". Just a good story song with a great twist ending. Still, the songs are just a bit to country for my current tastes.


Chet Atkins
The Other Chet Atkins, 1960
Chet Atkins and Hank Snow Reminiscing, 1964
Guitar Country, 1964
Country Instrumental

It's good. It also doesn't sound anything like modern country music. The guitar is electric, but there is no distortion so the vibe is much more of an easy listening feel. Wikipedia has over 60+ Albums listed for him that don't even include his collaborations. I'll be interested to share this one with some people that "don't like Country Music" to see how they would categorize it. Amazon has a fair amount of music on CD for Chet and I found a "5 album set" that I purchased to add to my work background music collection. I found it found that the set is two CD's that include 5 record Albums. Just shows how much more CD's hold and how short Albums used to be.


The Big Sky Singers

A Family Favorite. Still good. The Beach Boys meet the Kingston Trio. An unknown album unless you lived on the west coast in 1964. Now only known because Bruce Innes would later join the group "The Original Caste" who's big single "One Tin Soldier" would chart for many years. I keep meaning to make an entire page about this album as there are some interesting connections, but I'll leave this here as a stub for now.


The Brothers Four

Another Kinston Trio like group. Still great with some wonderful songs like "Frog went a courtin". One I remember fondly from my childhood. From Wikipedia it was interesting to learn that the "Brothers" are Frat Brothers from the University of Washington. They had 19 released Albums. They faded as Folk Music faded, but as of 2024 they still tour and even have a web site. Personally I think they just needed some more original songs and fewer covers. Checking the collection via YouTube it's almost all covers, and the later songs are just not as good. That being said, this album is great.


List View

# Artist Title Year
1Aldrich, RonnieFor Young Lovers1968
2Aldrich, RonnieMagnificent Pianos of Ronnie Aldrich, The1963
3Anderson, BillFrom This Pen1965
4Arnold, EddyBest of Eddy Arnold, The1967
5Arnold, EddyEverlovin, World of Eddy Arnold, The1968
6Arnold, EddyLast Word in Lonesome, The1966
7Arnold, EddyMy World1965
8Arnold, EddySomebody Like Me1966
9Atkins, ChetChet Atkins and Hank Snow Reminiscing1964
10Atkins, ChetGuitar Country1964
11Atkins, ChetOther Chet Atkins, The1960
12Big Sky SingersBig Sky Singers, The1964
13Black, BillBill Blacks's Greatest Hits1963
14Blackwood BrothersHallelujah Meetin1975
15Blackwood BrothersHymns of God1975
16Blackwood BrothersLearning to Learn1976
17Blackwood BrothersWhat a beautiful Day1975
18Blue Ridge QuartetSings the old time Gospel1972
19Booker, BobFirst Family, The1962
20Britt, EltonSixteen Great Country Performances1971
21Brothers Four, TheGreatest Hits1962
22Browns, TheSing Songs from the Little Brown Church1962
23Buitar, BonnieBonnie Guitar1966
24Carle, FrankieGolden Touch, The1960
25Cash, JohnnyHeart Of Johnny Cash, The1968
26Cash, JohnnyI Walk the Line1964
27Charles, RayModern Sounds in Country and Western Music1962
28Chuck Wagon Gang16 Country Gospel Favorites1983
29Clark, RoyRoy Clark Live1972
30Clark, RoySuperpicker1973
31Cline, PatsyPatsy Cline's Greatest Hits1980
32Cline, PatsyThe Patsy Cline Story1963
33Cole, Nat KingMillion Dollar Memories1990
34Cole, Nat KingUnforgettable1953
35Conlee, JohnRose Colored Glasses1978
36Cramer, FloydCountry Piano-City Strings1968
37Cramer, FloydFloyd Cramer Plays Country Classics1968
38Davis, SkeeterCloudy, with Occasional Tears1963
39DisneyAdventureland Steel Band1976
40Eddy, DuaneTwang a Country Song1963
41Ellis, RayLa Dolce Vita1961
42Fargo, DonnaThe Happiest Girl in the Whole USA1972
43Fender, FreddieFreddie Fender1975
44Ford, Tennessee ErnieSpirituals1957
45Ford, Tennessee ErnieThe Lusty Land1955
46Fox, VirgilPlays the Classics1972
47Fox, VirgilThe Entertainer1974
48Frickie, JanieAfter Midnight1987
49Gardner, DaveAin't That Weird1961
50Gardner, DaveDid You Ever1962
51Gardner, DaveIt's all in how you look at it1964
52Gardner, DaveKick Thy Own Self1960
53Gardner, DaveRejoice, Dear Hearts1960
54Gatlin, LarryLove is Just a Game1977
55Gayle, CrystalThe most Beautiful Songs of Crystal Gayle1981
56Gibson, DonI wrote a Song1963
57Gilley, MickeyThat's All That Matters to Me1980
58Gilley, MickeyThe Songs We Made Love To1979
59Gleason, JackieMusic, Martinis, and Memories1954
60Gleason, JackieThe Gentle Touch1961
61Greene, JackAll the Time1967
62Greene, JackLove Takes Care of Me1968
63Greene, JackThere Goes My Everything1967
64Haggard, MerleThe Best of Merle Haggard1979
65Hall, Tom T.Tom T. Halls' Greatest Hits1972
66Hampton, LionelLionel Hampton at the Vibes1964
67Harrington, BobThe Chaplain of Bourbon Street1966
68Hirt, AlHoney in the Horn1963
69Hirt, AlThe Greatest Horn in the World1961
70Hirt, AlThey're Playing Our Song1966
71Humperdinck, EngelbertRelease Me1967
72Ink Spots, TheSpotlight on the Ink Spots1962
73Jackson, WandaBlues in My Heart1965
74Jackson, WandaLove Me Forever1963
75James, HarryYou Made Me Love You1966
76James, SonnyClose-Up Sonny James1969
77Jones, GeorgeLove Bug1966
78Kingston Trio, TheThe Kingston Trio1958
79Kingston Trio, TheThe Last Month of the Year1960
80Lee, BrendaToo Many Rivers1965
81LevantLevant Plays Gershwin1955
82Lewis, Jerry LeeOriginal Golden Hits Volume III1971
83Locklin, Hank3 country Gentlemen1963
84Locklin, HankHank Locklin sings Hank Williams1964
85Locklin, HankHappy Journey1962
86London Festival OrchestraFilm Spectacular1963
87London Festival OrchestraFilm Spectacular Vol. 21964
88Lopez, TriniTrini Lopez and Jonny Tores1963
89Lowery, FredWalking Along Kicking the Leaves1957
90Lynn, LorettaSongs from My Heart1965
91Lynn, LorettaThey Don't make Em like my Daddy1974
92Lynn, VeraHer World Famous Great Recordings1983
93Mandrell, BarbaraThe Best of Barbara Mandrell1979
94MantovaniMantovani Magic1966
95MantovaniThe Incomparable Mantovani and his Orchestra1964
96Martin, TonyWilbur Clarks Desert Inn1960
97Mauna Loa IslandersMusic of the Islands1959
98Maxwell, RobertShangri-La1963
99McGuire SistersJust for Old Times Sake1961
100Melis, JoseThe Exciting TV Star Jose Melis1958
101Mill BrothersThe Mills Bros. Great Hits1959
102Mill BrothersThe Mills Brothers Fortuosity1968
103Miller, GlennThe Unforgettable Glenn Miller1968
104Milsap, RonnieGreatest Hits1980
105Milsap, RonnieOut Where the Bright Lights are Glowing1981
106MonroeThe Father of Blue Grass Music1977
107Monroe, VaughnVaughn Monroe and his Orchestra1958
108Mulcays, TheA Kiss in The Dark1960
109Mulcays, TheHappy Days! The Mulcays1958
110Mulcays, TheThe Mulcay's Harmonicas1956
111Murray, AnneNew Kind of Feeling1979
112Nabors, JimGalveston1969
113Nabors, JimJim Nabors Sings1966
114Nabors, JimKiss Me Goodbye1968
115Nelson, WillieHis Greatest Hits and Finest Performances1987
116Newton-John, OliviaOlivia Newton-John's Greatest Hits1977
117Pierce, WebbCross Country1962
118Platters, TheEncore of Golden Hits1960
119Pops, BostonPops Roundup1962
120Pops, BostonThe Boston Pops Star Dust1963
121Prado, PerezPerez Prado and Others1959
122Presley, ElvisElvis Presley1956
123Price, RayRay Prices All Time Greatest Hits1972
124Price, RayTouch My Heart1967
125Pride, CharleyFavorites1976
126Pride, CharleyMake Mine Country1968
127Pride, CharleyThe Best of Charley Pride1969
128Rabbitt, EddieThe Best of Eddie Rabbitt1979
129Re-CreationThe 5th Edition1980
130Reed, JerryGeorgia Sunshine1970
131Reese, DellaDella1960
132Reeves, JimA Touch of Sadness1968
133Reeves, JimA Touch of Velvet1964
134Reeves, JimDistant Drums1966
135Reeves, JimGentleman Jim1963
136Reeves, JimJim Reeves on Stage1968
137Reeves, JimMoonlight and Roses1964
138Reeves, JimThe Mellow Magic of Jim Reeves1981
139Reeves, JimUp Through the Years1965
140Robbins, MartyBy the Time I Get to Phoenix1968
141Robbins, MartyIt's a Sin1969
142Robbins, MartySinging the Blues1969
143Robbins, MartyThe Great Marty Robbins1983
144Robins, MartyToday1971
145Robins, MartyTonight Carmen1967
146Rogers, KennyKenny Rogers Greatest Hits1980
147Rose, DavidDavid Rose and his Orchestra Play the Stripper1962
148Rose, DavidIn a Mellow Mood1967
149Royal PhilharmonicHooked on Classics 11981
150Royal PhilharmonicHooked on Classics 21982
151Royale PopularTops in the Pops 
152Sadler, SSGt BarryBallads of the Green Berets1966
153Sadler, SSGt BarryThe "A" Team1966
154Sandpipers, TheGuantanamera1966
155Santo and JohnnySanto & Johnny1961
156Schafer, KermitAll Time Great Bloopers 
157Shore, DinahBouquet of Blues1956
158Slatkin, FelixHoedown1962
159Snow, HankHank Snow and Anita Carter Together Again1962
160Snow, HankHank Snow Sings Your Favorite Country Hits1965
161Snow, HankRailroad Man1963
162Snow, HankSongs of Tragedy1964
163Snow, HankSouvenirs1961
164Snow, HankThe Southern Cannonball1961
165Sol SoulSol Soul Disco 
166Sonny and CherThe Best of Sonny and Cher1968
167Spears, Billie JoLove Ain't Gonna Wait for Us1978
168Statler Brothers, TheThe Country America Loves1977
169Statler Brothers, TheThe Country America Loves1977
170Statler Brothers, TheThe Originals1979
171Stevens, RayGet the Best of Ray Stevens1990
172Stone, CliffieSquare Dances with Calls by Jonesy1950
173Thompson, HankHank Thompson and his Brazos Valley Boys1964
174Thompson, HankHank!1957
175Three Suns, TheOne Enchanted Evening1964
176Three Suns, TheTwilight Time1956
177Three Suns, TheWarm and Tender1962
178Tillis, Mel24 Great Hits1977
179Tillis, MelSouthern Rain1980
180Tubb, ErnestErnest Tubb's Greatest Hits1968
181Turner, KenGospel with a touch of Country1975
182Turner, KenHere Comes the Volkswagen1972
183Vaughn, BillyBilly Vaughn Plays1958
184Vaughn, BillyMusic for the Golden Hours1959
185Vaughn, BillySail Along Silv'ry Moon1958
186Wagoner, PorterPorter Wagoner in Person1964
187Wagoner, PorterThe Porter Wagoner Show1963
188Wakely, JimmySlippin Around1966
189Weissberg, EricDueling Banjos1973
190Wells, KittyBurning Memories1965
191West, DottieWhat I'm Cut Out to Be1968
192Whitman, Slim15th Anniversary Album1967
193Whitman, SlimThe Best of Slim Whitman1981
194Whittaker, RogerAll Time Heart-Touching Favorites1982
195Whittaker, RogerImagine1978
196Whittaker, RogerMirrors of My Mind1979
197Whittaker, RogerRoger Whittaker1975
198Whittaker, RogerThe Best of Roger Whittaker1977
199Whittaker, RogerThe Last FareWell1975
200Whittaker, RogerWhen I need You1979
201Wilburn Brothers, TheThe Wilburn Brothers Greatest Hits1968
202Williams, HankHank Williams on Stage1962
203Williams, RogerRoger Williams The Fabulous Fifties1957
204Wiseman, MacMac Wiseman1967
205Wynette, TammyTammy's Greatest Hits1969
206Z1 - CHRISTMASChristmas Favorites1964
207Z1 - CHRISTMASChristmas Holidays at Radio City Music Hall1958
208Z1 - CHRISTMASChristmas in the Country1977
209Z1 - CHRISTMASElvis Sings The Wonderful World of Christmas1971
210Z1 - CHRISTMASEverybody's Christmas Favorites1957
211Z1 - CHRISTMASFirestone Presents Your Christmas Favorites v31964
212Z1 - CHRISTMASHave a Merry Christmas, Readers Digest1974
213Z1 - CHRISTMASMerry Christmas Special Collector's Edition1964
214Z1 - CHRISTMASMerry Christmas, Fontanna1971
215Z1 - CHRISTMASPerry Como sings Merry Christmas Music1961
216Z2 - SOUNDTRACKCanterbury Tales1968
217Z2 - SOUNDTRACKCleopatra1963
218Z2 - SOUNDTRACKHarper Valley PTA1978
219Z2 - SOUNDTRACKHarper Valley PTA1978
220Z2 - SOUNDTRACKKing and I, Ed Sullivan Presents1960
221Z2 - SOUNDTRACKShow Boat1966
222Z2 - SOUNDTRACKThe Pink Panther by Henry Manchini1963
223Z2 - SOUNDTRACKThe Sound of Music1965
224Z3 - VARIOUS ARTISTS16 Greatest Country Hits1976
225Z3 - VARIOUS ARTISTS1964 Country and Western Award Winners1964
226Z3 - VARIOUS ARTISTS20 Famous Country Hits vol 41971
227Z3 - VARIOUS ARTISTSAll-Time All-Star Country Hits 
228Z3 - VARIOUS ARTISTSBlueGrass Banjos! 
229Z3 - VARIOUS ARTISTSCountry Classics 
230Z3 - VARIOUS ARTISTSCountry Hits Parade 
231Z3 - VARIOUS ARTISTSCountry Times 
232Z3 - VARIOUS ARTISTSDancing Until Dawn 
233Z3 - VARIOUS ARTISTSEspana Ole! 
234Z3 - VARIOUS ARTISTSGo With the Greats 
235Z3 - VARIOUS ARTISTSGolden Hits 
236Z3 - VARIOUS ARTISTSGolden Performances that will live forever 
237Z3 - VARIOUS ARTISTSGreat Original Hits of the 50's and 60's 
238Z3 - VARIOUS ARTISTSHawaiian Paradise 
239Z3 - VARIOUS ARTISTSMaple on the Hill 
240Z3 - VARIOUS ARTISTSMemories are Made of this1990
242Z3 - VARIOUS ARTISTSSenior Prom 
243Z3 - VARIOUS ARTISTSStars in Stereo 
244Z3 - VARIOUS ARTISTSStars of the Grand Ole Opry 
245Z3 - VARIOUS ARTISTSThat Happy Nashville Sound 
246Z3 - VARIOUS ARTISTSThe Big Country 
247Z3 - VARIOUS ARTISTSThe Early Years 
248Z3 - VARIOUS ARTISTSThe Honest to Goodness Country Music Hits V2 
249Z3 - VARIOUS ARTISTSThe Pick of the Country Volume 2 
250Z3 - VARIOUS ARTISTSThe Swing Era 1938-1939 
251Z3 - VARIOUS ARTISTSThe Swing Era 1940-1941 
252Z3 - VARIOUS ARTISTSThe Swing Era 1941-1942 
253Z3 - VARIOUS ARTISTSThis is Phase 4 Stereo 
254Z4 - OTHERA Salute to Congress1965
255Z4 - OTHERJohn F. Kennedy Documentary 
256Z4 - OTHERThat was the week that was JFK