Adventures in Remodeling

So what do you do when the first house you purchased in 1996 is in the perfect location, but the costs of larger houses in the area have gone through the roof? Remodel of course. But at some point a remodel is more of a re-build. Somewhere about here I think.

Part 2 (2021-2022)

It's 13 years later and Interest rates are under 3% so it's time to think about finishing that unfinished 2nd floor. Again what started as just an offhand comment from my brother about the mortgage rate on his new house got me wondering if I should take advantage of the currently lows rates. So here we go again.



Part 1 (2008-2009)

It started out as a simple question “how much would it cost to remodel the master bath?” and ended with a rebuild of the entire house.

First you find out that you can’t quite fit a tub in the existing space so you ask how much to extend out the bath by 8 feet. Then you say, "well that looks strange by itself". I wonder what it cost to extend out both the master bed room and the master bath by 8 feet. Then you ask “how much to extend the entire back of the house 8 feet". Of course that leads to looking at the roof line and not wanting to waste space so you ask about a second floor. You get the idea.



Before and After


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