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Technology is a wonderful thing. AI assisted image enlargement. Yep, it's a thing. Page updated with larger images in a cleaner format.


Pictures posted for the 30th reunion. And some placeholder pictures for the 10 and 20 year reunions.


Facebook has pretty much replaced all of the Reunion sites on the web. If you are interested in looking people up that’s the best place to start. That being said there are a few things it does not do so I’m going to leave these up as a reference. This section was also my first attempt at programmatically creating web pages and linking web pages to a SQL database so it’s a good reference for myself.

Persistence. One of less known “features” of Facebook is the idea that groups have owners, owners can delete groups, and unused groups disappear. Let’s say that a couple years ago someone from your school creates a group for your reunion, everybody joins, and there are lots of pictures of the event posted afterwards. Your sitting around one day and you decided to go back and look at the pictures and comments again and then you find that everything is gone. If the original creator of the group decides to close their Facebook account one day, all the groups they owned are gone as well. Another great feature was implemented to remove unused groups. This is where Facebook periodically checks groups for recent postings and will remove groups that have not had posting for a long time. Hope you saved a personal copy of all of those pictures people posted.

Reference. There is no good way to post reference material on Facebook. For example, if you had a scan of the yearbook you wanted to share, there is simply no good method to post the information and have it easily found or searchable.

Programmatically Creating Webpages: This was my fist attempt at creating web pages automatically. I first started this section by writing a Visual Basic program that would read an Excel spreadsheet to create a separate html page for each of the 352 graduates. Late I imported the data into SQL and rewrote the page to pull data from the SQL tables as called. When complete the pages looked something like the sample below. It was a great learning project but keeping the SQL server up an running just for this page overkill.
Tim Jenkins Page

Thanks to everyone that helped me collect information back when I first started this. It's hard to remember how life was before the internet and Facebook and easy to forget how difficult it was to find people.


Data Loss, the return. (Yea you think I'd learn)

Recovery from Data loss

Scott Johnson added
Jenifer Bender(Hart) Update
Angela Young email update
Nicole Horn(Colvert) email update
One or two more I prob forgot cause I'm slack.

Picture for Tracey Stuller
Picture for Matt Spillane
Picture for Deena Mattingly
Added Steve Settle

Tim Screws up and overwrites database.

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15 Year Reunion Held at Captin Billy's in Maryland