Web Page Updates

The absolute non definitive lists of updates (Cause I keep forgetting to update it)


So many updates during the pandemic it's difficult to remember them all.

  • Honors Choir Project
  • Miniatures Project
  • Resizing Images with Computer AI
  • Electronic Music
  • A Complete rewrite of the Finance Section
  • Finished the Music Sampler Project
  • Learned C++ and Visual Studio in order to write a new Book Review Section
  • Game Room and the first 12 reviewed games
  • Atari (Ok, only a small amount here at the moment, but a great place holder)

03-10-2021 Major changes to the Reviews section. I like the new format for reviews but it will take a long while to update all of the reviews to the new format.

12-14-2019 Really no major changes to the structure of the pages. More Trips, more blog posts, but no major structural changes to speak of.

06-12-2017 A new section for Electronic Music has been created

12-11-2016 The new GSUMC section is complete and online

11-12-2016 Andother 6-7 Book Review Updates.

10/21/2016 The Religon Page Rewrite is complete

10-13-2015 Lots of updates
  • A Dozen or so Book Reviews added
  • Still working on the Religion re-write

03-14-2014 Lots of updates
  • Pictures and a Trip Report for the Vegas Trip from last October.
  • I fixed the Animations on the Animations Page. It seems the “no preload” attribute of the Embed Tag doesn’t work as expected. This caused the pages to hang as the browser tried to load all of the animations during the page load. I switched to the HTML5 picture element and it seems to work much better in all browsers.
  • Updated (almost) all of the Trip Pictures to a larger size. From my notes it was 4 years ago that I updated all of my trip pictures from a maximum size of 800x600 to 1000x800. With everyone having widescreen monitors and most of them having a resolution of 1600x1200 or more my old pictures were looking rather “less than inspiring”. So time to update with a new maximum size of 1200x1000. So far my internet connection seems to handle it.
  • While increasing the size of the pictures I figured it was time to change the method I was using to display the pictures. For many years I’ve been using a Javascript function to create a pop up window that was sized to fit the picture. This allowed me to center the image and not have a horrible white background that would distract from the picture. On the downside it also required hand coding all of the picture dimensions which not only took a while but made updating the pictures to larger sizes a royal pain. I thought I had a solution when Firefox started displaying .jpg images centered with a grey background and I hoped that IE and Chrome would soon follow suite. No luck. (Side note: What happened to IE and Chrome? Firefox is the ‘other’ browser and in this specific area, it is miles ahead of IE and Chrome). The solution that seems to work is linking to a “page frame” which is nothing more than a blank grey page and a centered picture which loads with some very basic ASP. The only issue seems to be in getting the picture centered vertically. If you ever want a LONG discussion with a web page developer, ask about centering items vertically. In short, HTML was not designed to center vertically, only horizontally so ‘hacks’ are required.

03-14-2014 In progress with upgrade of all pictures to 1200 width and a new display type

03-2-2014 Replaced embeded Animations with picture tag elements

01-08-2014 Rewrite of the Reviews Section
01-08-2014 Fixed Dead Links in the Religion Section
01-08-2014 Fixed Dead Links in the Graphics Primer Section

04-06-2013 Imported the last 25 Book Reviews

04-06-2013 Animations upgraded to MP4 Quicktime and embeded

04-05-2013 All Blog Entries Imported
04-05-2013 Imported 35 more Book Reviews

04-05-2013 Imported 90% of the Blog Entries
04-05-2013 Imported 15 Book Reviews

04-04-2013 Added Theme builder page
04-03-2013 Added full screen option to Travel and TSHS Portraits Page
04-02-2013 All of the misc assorted pages are back online
04-01-2013 TSHS pictures are back online
03-31-2013 Religion and House Remodeling pages are back online
03-30-2013 Games, Programming, and Animation pages are back online
03-29-2013 Travel pictures are back online
Version 3.0 is now online!

Given that the last major revision to my website look was back in 2004 this was slightly over due. I started this page back in 2001 as a tool to help me keep track of the animations and visualizations that I was creating while working at the NCDOT. From there it grew to site for vacation pictures, and then to pretty much anything I felt like talking about.

Since the original page was done in something similar to HMTL 2.0 and I knew there were going to be lots and lots of changes if I wanted to get everything up to modern standards and such, but I was unprepared by just how much. Thankfully I had been working with CSS and styles some so I had the basics of the idea. And I remembered and excellent video on YouTube some years ago where the person talked about “Web 2.0” and the goal of separating content from presentation. For myself who learned HTML with the two combined it’s been a difficult transition. I would love to talk to someone that has only learned HTML in the past few years since this was that the standard method to know if it was any easier, but I fear that people that do their own websites are a breed that have died out. Even among my techie friends only 4-5 have websites and all of these are content on a hosted site like Blogger or such. On the other side of web development, all of the people I know that do professional development all use development programs like Visual Studio, Dreamweaver, or such. Its rather strange when you should a developer HTML in notepad and they have to really think about it. I fear the day of the amature web page developer is gone.

Tables or Div’s

Nothing sounds more like religion than web developers talking about tables and Div’s. Like pretty much everyone else, I hated Div’s while trying to understand them and get them to work. Unlike the majority, I still hate them, but given how Table properties were “nerfed” in HMTL5 I had to change my website to a div based layout. After reading dozens and dozens of articles about the subject I’m kind of amazed that almost no one had any good general thoughts about the issues both pro and con. The best summation is that CSS and Div’s allow you to horizontally center items. They really suck had trying to center anything vertically. Even the people who designed CSS, while not officially saying “yea we suck at vertical centering”, have quietly been added style properties to make it easier and many of the most looked for features of the future CSSv3 deal with this. (Can you say columns boys and girls?). Once again it would be nice to talk to a developer that does layout professionally to see if I somehow missed something, but all of the professionals use other programs to create code, so I’m not even sure if they understand it or not.

Doc Types

At the top of every webpage is a line that is supposed to give a description on what format the page is in. In the beginning there was only one type”HTML” so it was pretty easy. About the i6-i8 timeframe people noticed issue that the newer browser were rending existing pages in a manner that the pages no longer work. The solution was to “version” the document so newer browsers understood how older pages should be displayed. The doc type of one of my original pages just says HTML so I pretty much missed all of this since the last time I worked in HTML. I thought I could ignore this, but one of the benefits of this is supposed to be better cross browser compatibility. While it may be difficult now to get a webpage to look the same in IE and Firefox, it doesn’t hold a candle to how incredible horrible this used to be. The second reason this is important is that the doc type can be used to force a “strict” interpretation of the HTML that follows. This means that browser may read this and then ignore any old HTML code that is now considered as “depreciated”. So far I have not seen this behavior in either IE or Firefox and both will gladly read the CENTER tag and center elements, it likely that in the future they will not.

Master Pages

One improvement I have been enjoying is “master pages”. Most web pages have some variation of a standard layout that includes a header, navigation, and content section. In the old school you would have to include this information in each and every page on your website. Since this is the equivalent to a programmer never using libraries, it was not very popular. With master pages you now setup your main site layout and put a line in the HTML for a placeholder. Then as each page is called, the server swap placeholder for the content page. And that discussion leads into ASP.


It seems I missed ASP1.0, ASP2.0, and get to jump straight into ASP.NET. In short, if you want to use features like Master Pages, you need to have a server that uses asp. To avoid complexity in the description, if you want to do something to the webpage (like add a header) before you send it to the requestor you need a server that can do this. Yes it has all kinds of other fancy features and abilities, but that leads into Visual Studio.

Visual Studio

One of the more annoying parts of web develop is the total reliance of professional web developers on Visual Studio. It’s understandable with the complexity of modern website code that no one would be developing in Notepad anymore (except for yours truly of course). That being said, it is highly annoying for tutorials to say things like “don’t use #include statements anymore use ‘user controls’”. No problem except that user controls require you to compile code, and use Visual Studio just to do so.

Old and out of date information on the web

And while on the subject of tutorials. Learning HTML from online tutorial has never been more difficult. Here is an example of where progress had not taken a step forward. For the love of God if you are going to put information online, put a date on it! Most of the issues I’ve run into end up being information that is years out of date. A problem you never hear about on the web is that without a date, there is no way to see how old an article is. Something written 15 years ago looks just as new as an article posted yesterday. With print even 10 years is long enough to feel a difference in the paper or notice that it is older. If nothing else you can note the advertisements next to the article to get a feel. With modern web pages the advertisement like the header and footer are added the second the page is viewed which means they are always up to data. You would not believe the number of article I’ve read this month that end with “and that’s how you fix the incompatibly problem with ie5” or such. Argh. It’s gotten so bad I now scan to the bottom of all pages, just to make sure something like this is not the last line in the article before I waste my time.

Separating content from Style

There is no way I can put this better than a video that was posted on YouTube called Web 2.0 ... The Machine is Us ing Us. If by some chance you have not seen this, look it up and do so.

02-16-2013 Breckenridge 2013 Breckenridge 2013 with Andy

11-21-2012 Yellowstone Yellowstone National Park Pictures


I just realized that it looks like I’ve made no updates in 9 months. I admit I have not been making many but I’ve added a dozen or so book reviews to the “Re-read the library” project and I've been working on the vacation planning website over at Google Sites. Finally, with our Yellowstone trip in just a week I expect a major update afterwards.

   The Book List Lots of reviews added
   Google Sites by Tim Lots of pages added.

11-21-2011 The Book List Added Review: Ten Years to Doomsday
11-21-2011 The Book List Added Review: The Gods Laughed

10-31-2011 The Book List Added Review: Starship

10-25-2011 The Book List Added Review: The Book of Three

10-12-2011 Thoughts on World Count Added Page
10-12-2011 The Book List Added Review: The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy

10-11-2011 The Book List Added Review: A Readers Guide to Science Fiction
10-11-2011 The Book List Added Review: Galaxies like grains of Sand

10-05-2011 A New Project is born Can I re-read every sci-fi book I own?

09-27-2011 Guys Trip 2011 Guys Trip to Rocky Mountain National Park in CO

05-15-2011 Turks & Caicos The Turks and Caicos


Spring Cleaning ! I've been meaning to update all of the travel pages for a while now, and I finally got around to it. I fixed the code on many pages to work with both Firefox and IE8, and increased the picture size to 1000x800. I even managed to get the zoom code to work on the Vail pictures. Hopefully I'l have some new trip pictures in a month after the Turks trip so as always, browse and enjoy.

09-16-2010 Rocky Mountain National Park Trip Pictures

06-19-2010 Blue Ridge 2010 Some Hiking on the Blue Ridge Parkway

06-2-2010 Shuttle Launch Our trip to Coco Beach Florida to see the shuttle launch

10-24-2009 Keystone and A-Basin A few new pictures from this years ski trip.

10-24-2009 Alaska It took forever but the Alaska pictures are finally posted. I proabably went overboard with the notes but it was a fun trip and 14 days are hard to condense.


Back from the dead, again.

2 weeks ago I walked into my computer room and hear the dreaded hard drive click of death. The computer I use as my combination web server, domain controller is toast. (Yes, I know you shouldn’t run them on the same box, but its for a home domain so I’m not really worried.) I new this could happen but I was not to worried. It is rare you get to build a domain from scratch so I had never backed it up cause I figured I could always use the experience in setting another one up if it ever crashed. So far no problem. As far as rebuilding the web pages, I had a copy on my main computer that I back up every month-ish, so once again no major issue. Then I check the date on the copy on my main computer.

Its 2 years old,,,,,,,,,,,,, ARGGH!!!! Now I have a problem.
So here are some of my thoughts on How to Recover Wepages you might find interesting.

  Web Page Recovery

09-10-2009 Web page recovery. Server crash and backup data failure. Bad week.

08-04-2009 Lost Glacier Panos Playing with some new software and have some 'new' pictures to show for it.

08-02-2009 Been Planning for the big Alaska trip in a week so I have not made many updates lately. I'll definitely have a big one in a couple weeks when we get back.

08-01-2009 Blue Ridge Parkway 2009 Blue Ridge Parkway Trip.


The site is just 2 months shy of 6 years old!

Some major organization changes, the New Orleans Trip, and my favoriteFlash Games

Some of the top level pages were getting stale so I moved them around some
   Moved ASP page under Mr Tim
   Moved Animations page under Mr Tim
   Moved Programing page under Mr Tim and Games

Added some text on items that worked and items that did not work for the new house.

New Orleans Trip
    New Orleans 2009

Flash Games
    Flash Games

03-12-2009 Breckenridge_09 Beckenridge 2009
03-12-2009 The Game Page Apple IIe game page

01-02-2009 The house remodel is complete! Hopefully this will mean more frequent updates in the future. Of course as anyone that trys to keep a personal webpage knows, updates come in starts and stops. For the moment, this is another start :)

01-01-2009 Vail 2008 Vail, if you ski theres nothing more that needs to be said


Hi all! I've made a few updates on the New House page over the last month, but we did manage a quick hiking trip to the Smoky Mt National Park, and I did add some pics from our trip last Dec to MnMn.

The never ending house project
    New House

December in MnMn? Why not?

Hiking in the Smoky Mt National Park

05-01-2008 It's been forever since an update, but the house addition has been taking up most of the free time. I added a new page with some pictures and the future design.
New House


Updated the look of the Images Page to display the directory by thumbnails.

Fixed the dead links on the Religon page and copied articles of note for reference.


Breckenridge and Vail CO Ski Trip

Louise's Dance Competition in Vegas
    Vegas Dance

09-04-2007 USVI St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands


A handful of misc updates. Two sets of old trip pictures including my first digital camera, and a new set from our wine trip out to the Yakin Valley in North Carolina. Yes, wine tasting in NC? who knew?

Niagara Falls, Thousands Islands, Watkins Glenn State Park, NY 2000
    Niagara Falls

Tallulah Gorge, GA 2002

Wine at in the Yadkin Valley, NC


Fixed the Pano pictures. Gota love Microsoft. Since Java was not included in Internet Explorer 7, I had to think of another way to display my pano pictures. Finally decided to go the easy route and use an inline frame. Never realized how much work it took to check every page for incompatible code.

    Pano Pictures

6-10-2007 Vegas Las Vegas 2007 Pictures

06-08-2007 Stone Mt Stone Mountain State Park, NC
06-08-2007 Nags Head Nags Head, NC. Hang Gliding at Jockey's Ridge


Ok, Looks like all of the domain changes are complete and the home server is up and stable.

I've been working on a major rewrite of the TSHS pages (High School Class of 1989)TSHS


All Domain Name registrars are not created equal.

I've been with Pair Nic for about 4 years, ever since I started this site. But if you don't change anything it's easy to manage domains. When I adjusted the IP number for my homepage it took 48 hrs+ for pair to replicate, Godaddy did it in under 4 hrs. So, the domain registration is getting moved.

I noticed when I moved my domain to GoDaddy they have started selling "@name" domain names, so I picked up www.TimJenkins.name while I was at it.

Back from the Dead
Ok, Its been a long time since I've posted anything except trip pictures. The usual culprits, the Job and other hobbies leading the list, with a lack of good ideas in a close second. Also, the pain in the butt of updating a webpage is far more than it seems. (Details #A)

So, I'm going to try something different again. I'll try hosting the site from a computer here at the house. This should let me practice with some administration functions (i.e getting a new job stuff) and make updates and testing faster and easier. (details #B)

So in short. I'll be making changes, and the site will be down lot and having dead links as I change over and get it stable again.

Geek Stuff and Details

(A) In theory all you do is update your local copy, test it, and then use FTP to upload the new pages. Should take no time at all. In practice, you develop on a windows pc (which is not case sensitive) and post to a web server running Unix (which IS case sensitive), so after you upload your pages, you then check all of your links. And using ftp to upload your pages is not a 1 button press either. For example my site has lot of sub directories so and update requires lot of different directories the uploads have to be copied to.

(B) So, you want to host a webpage from home huh? In theory all you need is a computer running a webserver program. Since I'm a windows guy, this means a pc running Windows XP with the IIS component running. I've done this before and it does work. It's just not how companies setup their systems because of salability and security issues, so it's not a good learning tool for the long term.

I need some practice with all the bells and whistles so here is the setup

Time Warner cable Modem, DHCP (yea DHCP is a pain, but a static IP is expensive)
jinksweb.com (Domain name registered at pair.com)
Netgear router (Forward port 80 to the webserver)
Dc1 (Domain controller running Windows 2003 server, DNS, DHCP, print server, IIS, SQL 2000)

If your paying attention that last item has the work behind it all. I moved our home computer setup to an Active Directory Domain last year to get some more practice in, and it will greatly simplify adding the webserver now. If you were doing this as a business, you would not want to have all of these running on the same box, but this should be fine for my needs.

12-18-2006 Breckenridge Breckenridge 2006 Ski Trip

08-12-2006 Glacier Glacier National Park Pictures are up. Simply put. One of the finest vacations ever, period.
07-06-2006 Disney Disney World and Playing with IRLassiter Mill in IR
03-15-2006 Breckenridge The 2006 Ski Trip to Colorado. Can't wait to go again.

So much for that 'on a roll' thing with the updates. Nothing new, just thought I would add a note so people don't think I've dropped dead. We're heading out West for a ski trip and to see an old friend, so I should have something new shortly.


Two updates in same month, I'm on a roll now (smile). I put up four new book reviews. I never stopped reading just couldn't figure out how to keep up with the reviews. Yellow Dots indicate new reviews.

Book Reviews


Hi All. The trip to Cedar Point (Roller coaster Park) was a blast. I put some pictures online. If you like roller coasters this is the place to go!

Cedar Point


Wow, been a long time since I posted any updates.
Getting used to the new job at Peopleclick has taken a little longer than expected. But more updates should follow from now on.

Posted some pictures from our summer trip to Gatlinburg TN. Gatlinburg


Posted some pictures from the 2005 Snowshoe Ski Trip. Ski Trip
Fixed some problems with the TSHS pages.

2-20-2005 Fixed a lot of the links on this page.(Thanks Alex). Been at the new job for 2 weeks now. Updates to this page might be thin for a while.


Included the content from the JinksHost site into this site. JinksHost

Some new articles by me
Compression, Slides, Computer Checklist, Computer Prices, etc. Mr. Tim Articles

1-20-2005 Major Internal Website Changes. Pages may be linked incorrectly. Drop me a line if you find anything.


Got some new articles written by me. (Of course). As always, email me if you find something interesting, or disagree with my conclusions. Enjoy! Mr. Tim Articles

10-22-2004 Fixed the individual pages for the book comments. Somehow those pages were missed when I changed the website layout.


The New Web page project is up an running. You can find it at www.jinkshost.com. It's a site for non-profits, family, and friends. (And also the chance for me to try some new technology and put some stuff on the resume)


The Return to Aruba Pictures are up.
     Return to Aruba


Version 2.0 Now Online!
What a pain this update has been. I finally got all of the pages converted to the new look. The problem had been that I was left justifying all of the pages, which looked fine in 800x600, but looked poor in 1024x768 and higher. So to fix the problem I enclosed all of the pages inside centered tables. This had the additional benefit of being able to introduce another color as side bars. All went well until I had to rebuild the header bar. (The navigation bar across the top of the page.) For those of you into HTML the specific problem is that text positioning in HTML is very poor. The method for placing text by relative method does not allow you to specify "what" object to be relative to, which defeats the whole purpose. I guess they added it to add some fancy text effects such as supper script and strike thorough.

Anyway it's done now, and I am pleased with the result. Will probably take me one more day to upgrade the TSHS pages to the new format, because the code for these pages is hard coded into the tablebuilder program.

Later, Tim


I've Been Up for over a Year Now!

Trying a new look. Centering the pages and adding some color.


First Draft Done of TSHS (Thomas Stone High School)TSHS

Updated versions of Jinksprint and TimAmp

06-09-2004 Revised the "Work" Page

Aruba Pictures and new assored infrared shots.
     Assorted Ir

05-11-2004 Busch Gardens Pictures Up. Busch Gardens

Added a review for Self Matters by Dr. Phil

Reorganized my 'Mrtim' page, and now have it as a list of articles written by me.
Yea, it's self gratification but someone has to do it!

02-13-2004 Added a book review for Dr. Shapiro's Picture Perfect Diet

Updated the 'Book' page with new book reviews.

     Dr. Phil's Ultimate Weight Loss
     Nickel and Dimed
     The Joy of Mathematics

Some New thoughts on the Minimum Living Wage

12-15-2003 Added the Vegas Trip pictures Vegas

10-03-2003 Updated Comments page. Numerous Books added, and lots of reviews expanded.


Updated the Comments page on the following books
     The Jesus Puzzle
     101 Myths of the Bible
     Awaken the Giant Within
     The Millionaire Next Door

09-19-2003 Modified the Books page.

Changed the top Menu bar to add 2 more categories.
If you run a web site, I can't recommend enough the method of building your menus by javascript functions. I was able to change the entire site in about 10 minuets with this method. I would hate to think of how long it would have taken if each page had the menu hard coded.

Articles added to Religion Section
   How Can We?    by Earl Doherty
   At the Top?    by Robert G. Ingersoll


The Epics page and the Library Page are now up!
   Epics    So you want to Read an Epic?
   Library    The Book list


Classes and Tests are Complete!!!!!!
All 11 tests are passed and I am now Certified!

(Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer)
(Database Administrator)
(Comptia Certified Network Technician)
(Comptia Certified Hardware Technician)


Secret Project Update
10 down and 1 to go!

Some New picture sets online.
   Andy's Wedding    Pictures from Andy's Wedding
   Ocracoke    The Ocracoke Camping Trip.

A New Project from Work.
   Bike Lane and Widening Project.


Secret Project Update
9 down and 2 to go. Getting Closer!
At this point, burn-out seems to be the largest problem.

I was hoping to get at least one update to the page, but I've been way to busy. I have some pictures to put on the page, some from Andy's wedding and some from the beach trip to Ocracoke. Yes, somehow they managed to trick me into going on a camping trip,,,, to the beach in July over my birthday no less. Less said, the better.

08-04-2003 Secret Project Update. 8 down and 3 to go. Getting Closer!

Been busy this week on my "secret project". Since nobody really reads this page but me I probably don't need to keep the secret, but just in case I think the secret will hold for another 4 weeks. I did manage a couple small updates.

Updated the Recent Reads page with comments on the following books
   "The Jesus Mysteries"
   "Do What You Are"
   "The Jesus Puzzle"


Added Tim Amp to the programs section

Updated the Recent Reads page with comments on the following books
   "Please Understand Me II"
   "All-In-One A+"
   "How to lie with Statistics"
   "Who Moved My Cheese?"


Updated the Recent Reads page with comments on the following books

   "All-In-One Network+ Certification"
   "The Design of Every Day Things"
   "Married to Mommy"
   "Smart Couples Finish Rich"
   "Notes from a friend"

06-20-2003 Added the First draft of the Books page!
The New Website is now Open!!!

Ok it's been a VERY long time since this page saw revisions so there are tons and tons of stuff to mention and talk about.

First oft, hopefully this page will be updated more frequently than in the past. (really, ,,,,,, really). Actually this site HAS been updated on a very frequent basis for the last 2 years, it's just that the entire site was on my personal computer and not on the web. When the page was started it was solely designed as a way to organized the animation projects I was doing for work. This meant the files were VERY large and not reasonable for sharing on the WWW. The full site takes up about 1.5G on my computer is has expanded to cover web page designs, photos, programs, and anything else I feel like.

Since our internet provider only provides a basic 5Meg site, this obviously was not going to work. I tried with various methods of a separate smaller page for the web, but I always forgot to update the web page. What was needed was a way to have only 1 page. First what was needed was more room, while I was going to be able to store the full 1.5G anywhere I definitely needed more than 5M. (For the non-computer people, 1.5G = 1,500Meg). Thanks to Alex Chapman www.budgetweb.com I found a site that will host 100Mb, much better. www.pair.com.

   All animations are now compressed with Divx. Read the note on the top of the animation page.
   Visual basic programs require the msvbvm60.dll file to run. Read the note on the programs page.

Non-Geeks may stop here.

The first change I made was to make 3 top level folders (inventively named disk01, disk02, disk03, original huh?). By keeping each folder to under 600 Mb, it at least made backing up the webpage much easier. Then I noticed that 90% of the space was used by just a few of the animation files. Each animation was +/- 80 MB. After this I realized that I could store everything except the actual animation files in less than 25Mb. Now we're getting somewhere.

After a reorg I set up a folder for disk00 that would hold everything but the animation files and 3 other folders disk01,02,03 that would only hold the animation files. This Made backups MUCH easier as the older animation files don't change. Still it leaves the problem that If I don't include any animations on the webpage, all of the links will go to the ugly "file not found" screen. Time for still more thinking.

The answer came in the form of 2 programs. Divx and Virtual Dub. Both freeware. Divx is simply the best video compression codec around. Virtual Dub is a simple program to compress or re-compress audio/video files with tons and tons of options. Using these I was able to make smaller highly compressed versions of all of my animations. 1400M to 24M. Not bad at all. But for the real coup-de-grace I realized that if I simply saved these animations as folders disk01-disk03 I could simply used these versions on the webpage with changing any of the code or links on the primary pages. Neat huh? So if I'm accessing online I get the compressed versions but if I'm on my personal computer I get the large full versions. huray!

And since that's probably way more information than you really wanted to know...

Till Next Time.

(Date is best estimate). This web page started as a method for organizing the animations I was creating while working for the NCDOT. The particular animation was my “Circles” animation. The files were all stored locally on my computer as internet space was expensive and speeds at the time (26k Modems) were far to slow to transmit video files. By 2001 I had added pages to keep track of the programs I was writing in Visual Basic and Visual C++, and by 2002 I add the first of the vacation pictures which would later become the major focus of the site.