3dMax Asteroid Oct 2000

This is basically the finished animation from one of the 3dmax tutorials but as you can see it is definately lacking something.

The first thing I tried was changing the color and incressing the number of flames from the explosion.

Next I tried two difernt colors of flame and increased the total number of flame particles by about a factor of 10. Unfortunately the grid pattern is WAY to noticable.

A diferent angle. The two diferent particle systems have diferent colors and shape. The Red particles use the cube shape. The problem is that it looks like jello. And I've noticed after the fact that the camera shake was deleted somehow.

If 1 particle system is good, and 2 are better, then 3 must be best huh? Definately needs some camera shake, but the largest problem was the color rings are backwards. The hotest colors (brighter) should be at the center of the fire.

This was as close as I got to a "finished" product. The colors are right and the angle good. There are 3 particle systems and about 100,000 particles but something just doesnt work. Maybe I'll come back to this one later.