3dMax F1-Fighter Oct 2000

Ok, A simple scene with 3-D Sudio Max
4 elements in this scene (a simple fly-by)

The design for the fighther was a 3-DMax tutorial, the Moon and planet a standard Max Bitmap and the Background sky a Photoshop tutorial from deepspace web.

Pretty Much the same Scene, the BitMap has been chaged to Earth and a WideScreen Formatt has been adoped.

Here we have the fighter flying along the ground. The ground was made with a displacement map.

The same scene with a desert look and also notice that the sky doesnt pan and the water is without any texture.

Now we're getting somewhere. The sky actually pans with the shot, the ground has a much better texture and the water actually looks like water.


Alright the first building is in place and blown up. The water still needs some work, and some kind of engine light would be nice.


The finished Animation with Sound!

Short, simple and to the point. I added an extra building and fixed the water.

By far the most dificult part of this project was the timing. Getting the camera and the plan to sync just right was more trial and error than design.

Once again I used Acid Music to make some fitting sound and combined the AVI and WAV files with Adobe Premire.