Gear Animation December 1999

This was one of the first tests I did for rotation. I can't remeber exactly how this was done (which is why I am making these pages in the first place). I think this was done by the following.

'Script' the ball motion as follows.
    z Position=sin(frame)
    x Rotation=frame
    z Rotation=frame

The Z Position will move the letter up and down and the X and Z Rotations will twist the letter.
The Center of rotation is at the center of the object

Note: Some rotation combinations will look very unnatural. It's a trial and Error experiment.

Okay, I skipped alot of interim steps here.

This example shows rotation , Hierarchical motion , and rotation about an offset center
1. 'Script' the big GREEN ball motion as follows.
    z Position=sin(frame)
2. Link(Hierarchical motion) the 3 colored balls to the big green ball.
3. 'Script' the RED, BLUE, and WHITE ball motions as follows
    x Rotation=frame
    y Rotation=frame
    z Rotation=frame

The trick here is to set the origin point for the rotating balls at the center of the big green ball.

As you can see, This is very similar to the animation above, but with a moving camera.
To make the gears rotate requires a combination of techniques

For each small gear do the following
1. Keep the ball from the last animation, change the level to a non-display level.
2. Create the gear object with the origin at the center of the small non-displaying ball.
3. Link the motion of the small gear to the motion of the non-displaying small ball
4. Set the x,y or z rotation to the correct 'Gear ratio'. I think in this example each
    small gear rotates 3 times for each turn around the big gear.

This is the same model and animation script as the one above. Texture maps have been applied and the Ray-Traced rendering method was used.

The final product with sound.