Robot Arms Nov 2000

I'm quite proud of this animation and the finished product with sound seems to be the most popular to date. Not really a suprise as both Disney and Pixar had found out long ago, a character driven story beats fancy graphics and stands the test of time better than fancy graphics.

This is the first trial version. The original idea was simply to pass the block around in a circle. The problem (which I never did figure out) was that the passing of the block was not symmetrical, which means the block was in a slightly different position each time it was passed This means that sooner or later something wouldn't line up.


I kept the basic shapes and the basic motion but moved the arms to a conveyor belt idea. The lighting is "dramatic", but it really didn't work with what I had in mind.


I couldn't figure out how to make a conveyor belt (I do now!) so I went with some moving blocks. Not a large change. The lighting is balance and what I need now are some textures.


The Finished Animation With Sound
The textures are simple but work, lighting is balanced, and not to shabby, if I do say so myself.

Once again the program "Acid Music" was used to create the sound and Premire was used to put it all together.




4-6-2013 All files have been re-compressed from the original Avi's to MP4 (Quicktime H.264) video
4-6-2013 Files have been changed to embeded video

arm6_wsound.avi Orginal         77,110K 424x240
arm6_wsound.avi Old compression    894K 212x120
arm6_wsound.mp4 Quicktime        1,769K 424x240